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Artistic Excellence Award & Seven Choreography Awards

'Nanopod' was honored with a Choreography Award & Artistic Excellence Award at Nexstar Dance Competition. The Artistic Excellence Award was handed out for one piece in the entirety of the weekend and the Choreography Award to a select handful. Needless to say, we were humbled.

Tara receiving the Artistic Excellence Award from Nexstar.

"Nanopod" was a piece of choreography that was created without compromise, by Tara W F Cacciatore. It was carved out as a unique idea with its own movement language and vocabulary, and anything beyond that idea was edited. Shaking bodies with limp limbs, virtuosic ballet intertwined with release technique into the floor, and complicated partnering filled this piece with it's beautiful and raw imagery.

Tara received seven choreography awards in the 2017-2018 season.

Group "Nanopod" performed by our senior small group

Duet "Punctured are the Lungs" performed by Kate Hoeffel and Miranda Shaughnessy Duet "Nativus" (co-choreographed with Lynsey Davis) performed by Athena Rodriguez and Jane Hoeffel

Solo "Fault" performed by Miranda Shaughnessy,

Solo "Noire" performed by Jordan Garrison received two

Solo "In Waiting" performed by Mikayla Garcez

As we are entering our second season of performances, we have been reflecting on our first season. Upon doing this, we have noticed the importance of our accomplishments as an organization and understand the unique approach we have to offer. We did not know what to expect as we embarked upon this new endeavor and we were continually surprised by how we were received. Our dancers did an amazing job last year and we would like to remember their accomplishments as we go into our second season as Momentum Dance Project.


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