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for your use


  • thera-bands, different strengths

  • foam rollers

  • large pilates balls, different sizes

  • 9" core training balls

  • yoga mats

  • gymnastics mat


  • movable front desk

  • two outlets in lobby

  • bench seating

  • viewing window into Studio 1

  • private bathroom

  • dancer's room w/bench seating and a wall of wire drawers

our studios

Studio 1:

  • 38x32

  • floating sprung floor

  • grey marley

  • vertical smoked mirrors

  • portal barres

  • sound system w/bluetooth or wired connection

Studio 2:

  • 40x20

  • padded floor

  • black marley

  • vertical smoked mirrors

  • attached wall barre

  • sound system w/bluetooth or wired connection


 $40 an hour

We understand artists and the challenges starting a class, dance company, business, etc. We are willing to ease the cost of rental rates for this purpose for emerging choreographers, teaching artists, etc. Please contact our artistic director for more information and how we can help! 

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