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Wayposts and Markers

It has been such an exciting journey thus far, though arduous at times, these pieces of thread woven together feel like a milestone. I have a sense of satisfaction wearing a jacket with Momentum Dance Project on it as I walked around the classroom yesterday correcting tendus placement in à la seconde and guiding the students in imagery through a fondu développé. But mostly, I love seeing the the students proudly wearing the logo on their backs and thinking of them running through the halls at school with them on.

We received our apparel on Wednesday. Jackets and bags adorned with our logo proudly displayed on the back. We have adidas gear that would be considered a timeless fashion now with colors of maroon, a cardinal red and Adidas famous white stripes pouring down the sleeves and positioned next to the snaps. Our men's maroon jacket is an understated version of the women's with its black stripes and without extra hardware. Then, our original colors for the logo are stitched across the backs of our children's grey jacket. They look stunning!

"From here we move forward." A quote that was often said by artistic directors of TU Dance, Toni Pierce-Sands and Uri Sands. It has been something I have continually thought of during the process and adventure of starting Momentum Dance Project, this quote. From here we move forward. With this, what may seem to others as a small victory, when referenced I acknowledge that a waypost has been marked but that there is more work to be done.

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