Superhero Camp : 06/22-06/24

Dance Team Intensive 06/22-06/24


Our classes provide a creative atmosphere, nurturing spirit, and visceral experience taught by our educated and passionate teaching artists.

*summer class tuition is based off of five weeks and the sixth week is free in so as to allow for missing for vacation or trips!


 Go to our our registration portal for all specifics related to tuition, dates and times, student handbook, etc. Please refer to our calendar for no class dates, master classes, etc.


All ages and disciplines


Email or call for availability and to register for your private lessons.


PreK - K

Intro to Movement (2-3):

Tuesdays 5:00PM - 5:30PM

Intro to Dance (4-5)

Tuesdays 5:30PM - 6:15PM

Leveled Disciplines for 1st grade - 12th grade

Leveled classes are split by discipline and days. Ballet, Pointe & Variations, Modern, Flow Acro, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Combo Classes, CATS (conditioning, acro, turns, stretch), etc.


If you have questions regarding the level of your dancer, please reach out to our Directors via email and we will be happy to assist you in finding proper placement as you can be in different levels for different disciplines depending on your proficiency in that technique.


Encanto Dance Camp:

08/09 - 08/11 & 08/23 - 08/25

Into the Wild!: 

08/09 - 08/11 & 08/23 - 08/25

Summer Intensive: 08/01 - 08/05

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summer classes
june 21st - july 28th



Recommended for ages 6-8


6:15-7:15 Ballet & Acro


5:00-6:00 CATS


5:00-5:30 Tap

5:30-6:15 Jazz & Hip Hop

6:30-7:15 Modern & Contemporary


Recommended for ages 9-11


5:00-6:15 Ballet & Acro


5:00-6:00 CATS

6:00-7:00 Jazz & Hip Hop

7:00-7:45 Modern & Contemporary

7:45-8:15 Tap


6:30-7:00 Acro & Combo


Recommended for ages 12+


6:15-7:45 Ballet

7:45-8:15 Pointe/Pre-Pointe


5:00-6:00 CATS

7:00-8:30 Jazz


5:00-6:30 Modern & Contemporary

6:30-7:00 Acro & Combo


class descriptions


Students will learn classical and contemporary ballet techniques and terminology based on a combination of the American/Balanchine, Cecchetti, French and Russian methods. Each class includes barre exercises, center floor work and across-the-floor combinations that are grouped accordingly when levels are combined.  Students on pointe will be guided accordingly through a partial and eventual full ballet class in pointe shoes.


Pre-pointe classes are offered to ballet students who are not yet on pointe to further develop and strengthen the muscles necessary to go en pointe. Pre-pointe classes stress correct alignment and correct classical ballet technique and allows for assessment for further development into pointe shoes. Variations of classical ballet(s) will be instructed in flat shoes.



Pointe class consists of exercises in pointe shoes to further develop their muscles, strength, and artistry in their ballet technique in pointe shoes. Variations of classical ballet(s) will be taught in pointe shoes.


Students will learn the foundation of classical or contemporary release modern dance techniques class includes floor work, center work and across-the-floor combinations studying fall and recovery, suspension and release and connection of breath to movement.



Through aspects of modern release technique, contemporary ballet and jazz, students will explore movement through a homogenous filter that creates this style.  Class will include elements of time, space, energy, emotional content and artistic exploration through complex floor work, center exercises, improvisation, and combinations.


Students will learn this style through emphasizing the importance of energy, rhythmical accuracy and the proper execution of turns and leaps.  Based on various styles of jazz including Giordano, Fosse and an urban vernacular dancers will learn to layer current styles with existing classic movement.  Class will include a proper warm-up, stretches, isolations, across-the-floor progressions and combinations.


Focusing on rhythm, timing, percussion and preciseness, tap classes will be a progression of classical and rhythmic tap steps and combinations that will challenge students as a percussive musician while teaching them to pick up steps with quick precision and rhythmic integrity.


Students will explore their own personal style related to the street dance styles of the 1970's to our current and ever evolving language of dance steps.  Classes will include isolations, floor work and stylization of self expressiveness through the lens of hip hop artists and musicians.


Flow acrobatics consists of the thematic of body awareness and full body coordination. The participants will get to know the concept in a playful way by integrating new movement patterns which are based on fluidity, resilience and lightness and have their origin in capoeira and contemporary dance while integrating acrobatic dance.


Conditioning, Acrobatics, Turns, & Stretch. This class will focus on core strengthening, flexibility and entire body workouts designed to increase range of motion, strength and to create body awareness for injury prevention. The use of thera-bands, resistance balls and weights may be used as well as somatic techniques and methods. Acrobatics and Turns will be taught in conjunction with other class curriculum.