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Momentum Dance Project's Competition Performance Company is comprised of our main Competition Company, Youth Company, and the Tulip Buds Intro to Competition Company Performers. Dancers are placed in a particular company and/or pieces based on, technical proficiency, artistic maturity, stage experience, memory, and execution of choreography as well as attendance, enthusiasm, and commitment to classes they are registered for. Age is a consideration, though not the ultimate determining factor. We select the company and piece that will ultimately aid the dancer in having the most potential for growth as well as considering their personal goals when meeting with them and families one on one.


All auditions are held during the summer before the start of the next season and are used as a guide for placement. Dancers are required to attend the summer audition weeks so as to be able to best place each dancer in the correct leveled classes as well as understand their style and artistry for duet, trio, and group casting. 

If there a dancer that is unavailable for any audition days or is coming into the season late, he or she may contact the Artistic Director in order to set up a time to meet and correctly place them.


Momentum Dance Project is unique in that each dancer may choose the level of commitment they are seeking regarding how many pieces he or she would like to perform in. This allows dancers that may be involved in other activities or performance companies to also be a part of our competition company while also serving the dancer that wants to make this their primary focus or career goal. How many pieces, and therefore classes, he or she chooses to commit to also helps to determine what company he or she will be placed in. The commitment contract is for the entirety of the season which ends with the showcase or nationals, whichever is the later date.


Class requirements are based off of how many pieces the dancer has committed to but are in no way a limitation to how many classes a student may take. A full list of required classes as well as elective class options will be made available and selected at the beginning of the season.


Each company's competition schedule and required dates will be given to the family once all performances are solidified. This is usually comprised of two competitions for the Youth Company and three competitions for the Inter and Advanced Company. This is in no way a limitation of competitions or conventions each dancer may attend.  A full list of options will be given at the beginning of the season and selections may be made for other competitions/conventions dancers may want to attend apart from our full studio competitions.


The summer intensive is taught by professionals from around the country as well as our own Twin Cities. All company dancers are required to attend the summer intensive, unless excused, and must be supplemented through privates. Visit our masterclasses & workshops page for some highlights from our previous years.


For additional information regarding our Competition Performance Company, please contact us.  We would love to hear from you and discuss in more detail the options that are available to your son or daughter and the mission of Momentum Dance Project.

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