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Inspiring First Week

This was the first official week of Momentum Dance Project. We had a successful audition on Wednesday and I was overwhelmed with gratitude as students entered into the studio. It has always been part of my dream to have a space where young artists could come to find inspiration, to tell their story through art and to comfortably be themselves. I have always wished to create an environment where all assets and defects in an individual were seen as something contributable, purposeful and accepted. I just didn't realize until this week how incredibly blessed I am to have the same space to know that I, too, am entirely accepted for the same reasons. That my contribution into the lives of these students is purposeful and my assets and defects of character are accepted and poignant to my own art making.

Synergistic energy is what creates dance and cyclical is this mutual agreement. My art does not exist without the other "bodies" in the room. I am, again, grateful that I have been so blessed to have the amazing artists I do to trust and be lead by me. They are a special group of students and I am so proud to have them be the first to be a part of this very special journey.



#auditions #inspired #blessed

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