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Movement is My Art...

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

With posts related to National Dance Day and articles I have been reading pertaining to dancers and their mental health, I feel blessed to know the brevity in which movement has saved me.  Dance is not just a career for me, it is an imperative way in which I release and say what I am feeling or not wanting to feel through movement, and most often, without words.  Movement is my art and my art is my voice.  I do not take for granted the blessing this is and feel compelled to contribute to the influence it may have in others lives.

My aspiration as a teacher and mentor is to help connect artists to their inner most words and become the human beings they desire to be.  Some may become professional dancers and some have other interests for their career, but the responsibility of a dance teacher goes beyond the their physicality and rigorous training.  I am passionate about the transient nature of dance and its capacity to empower young people to "speak".  Their voices are just as significant as mine.

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