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"Tooting Their Horns"

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

My mom always said, "Don't toot your own horn, let me toot it for you." Well, I am excited to continue to "toot the horns" of students as I am so proud of all their achievements

The students at Momentum Dance Project are dedicated, generous and filled with passion for the arts! The performing artists dreams here extend beyond our walls and we strive to help facilitate those goals. Encouraging and supporting their endeavors, I would like to share with you what they have accomplished.

Congratulations to all of you and your success on your summer performances!

Lauren & Cade: The Phipps Theater || "New York, New York"

Miranda and Emil: Minnesota Dance Collaborative || "Vivify - A Still Life in Motion"

Stephanie: Minnesota State Fair || "No Diggity"

Lawson: Summer Stock || "Hairspray"

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