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project III

Project III is a pre-professional company under the artistic direction of Tara W F Cacciatore.  Providing concert dance works to the public, consisting of contemporary vernacular of codified dance techniques, we seek to provide a platform for dancers to be prepared to enter  professional dance companies or to pursue their degrees in dance at a university.

The company is comprised of dancers  that exemplify artistic maturity and technical proficiency and is by audition or invitation only.  Students must be enrolled at Momentum Dance Project in unlimited classes, adhere to all program requirements including attendance commitments, demonstrate artistic & technical growth, and maintain a grade point average that is determined by their families at the beginning of the season.  Students having previously trained with the artistic director may have the possibility of participating as a guest artist.

Students must commit to all performances and rehearsals on a project by project basis as well as all technical requirements by the theaters.  Fundraising is required for all families involved and with a down payment of funds that may be earned back in full. 


Project III, is the continuation of Momentum Dance Project's philanthropic and artistic mission.  By selecting artistically mature dancers we will explore topics pervading our society today, find curiosity in our own mental and emotional responses, unpacking how we hold all of this information in our bodies.  We hope to create a visceral response in our audience members so as to prompt them to support the organization(s) we are supporting through our work and to continue to support us in our endeavors.

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